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It’s Time for a Sale!

As some of you may know, I have a small-but-growing Teachers Pay Teachers store for which I’ve spent quite a bit of time building products. I’ve been recently updating some of my older files and adding a bunch of composition worksheets, since composing and… Continue Reading “It’s Time for a Sale!”

My Top 10 Favorite iPad Apps for the Elementary Music Classroom

Let’s talk iPads! From one to 1-to-1, no matter how many iPads you have can be an excellent way to extend your students’ learning and engage them in one of their favorite (for better or for worse) items – technology. First off, don’t be scared… Continue Reading “My Top 10 Favorite iPad Apps for the Elementary Music Classroom”

Short & Sweet Valentine’s Day Idea for the Music Classroom

I never know how much to do for Valentine’s Day at school – my husband and I don’t really celebrate it (working at a restaurant doesn’t make for a relaxing Valentine’s!) and I know some students feel kind of sensitive about it. Having crushes… Continue Reading “Short & Sweet Valentine’s Day Idea for the Music Classroom”

Stations in the Music Classroom

Ah, stations… I hear mixtures of reactions when I bring this up or see it come up in Facebook groups online. I love using stations in my classroom! As so many of you know, music teachers do not get much downtime during our lessons –… Continue Reading “Stations in the Music Classroom”