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We’ve put down roots!

I think my first post back can be summarized in a series of emojis, most of which would just be a variety of crying/worried faces and ecstatic faces, followed by an exhausted face. Exhausted is where we are now, because we’ve finally moved! I… Continue Reading “We’ve put down roots!”

Who Rescued Who?

It’s high time I introduced our cats to everyone! These two sweethearts have our hearts wrapped around their little claws, and you’ll only see more and more of them as our homestead journey continues. This summer marks year 2 with Olivia and year 4… Continue Reading “Who Rescued Who?”

New Patio Additions

Thanks to my amazing mother, we have a new patio set for the next season – solid, rust-proof steel and seating for six. With warmer temperatures ahead, we may find it even more difficult to stay inside with the cats. And we all know… Continue Reading “New Patio Additions”

New Sewing Projects

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as making something by hand. I’m no master sewer by any means – I’d barely qualify myself as a crafter. I value the ability to craft my own items rather than purchase them and to conceptualize how projects can… Continue Reading “New Sewing Projects”

Time to Explore

This post contains affiliate links.  The calendar says we are still weeks away from spring, but our cats assure us that spring is most assuredly here. They beg by the back door to be let out into the warm air, rotate from window to… Continue Reading “Time to Explore”