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My Top 10 Favorite iPad Apps for the Elementary Music Classroom

Let’s talk iPads! From one to 1-to-1, no matter how many iPads you have can be an excellent way to extend your students’ learning and engage them in one of their favorite (for better or for worse) items – technology. First off, don’t be scared… Continue Reading “My Top 10 Favorite iPad Apps for the Elementary Music Classroom”

New TPT store developments

Teacher friends, there are a few hours left in the February Teachers Pay Teachers sale, and it’s inspired me to jump into creating more resources and really trying to expand my store. The hardest thing about starting a store in the last year is… Continue Reading “New TPT store developments”

Short & Sweet Valentine’s Day Idea for the Music Classroom

I never know how much to do for Valentine’s Day at school – my husband and I don’t really celebrate it (working at a restaurant doesn’t make for a relaxing Valentine’s!) and I know some students feel kind of sensitive about it. Having crushes… Continue Reading “Short & Sweet Valentine’s Day Idea for the Music Classroom”

Stations in the Music Classroom

Ah, stations… I hear mixtures of reactions when I bring this up or see it come up in Facebook groups online. I love using stations in my classroom! As so many of you know, music teachers do not get much downtime during our lessons –… Continue Reading “Stations in the Music Classroom”