Month: February 2017

Today Needs a Smile

What a Monday – nothing like teaching after a four day weekend! (We had conferences last week.) I texted my husband at lunch that I was having a tough morning, and he sent me this GIF in place of a hug: I almost cried over… Continue Reading “Today Needs a Smile”

Why Homestead?

This post contains affiliate links.  Tonight, we’re visiting the third house on our house hunt. No, not our house hunt – our homestead hunt. We’re finally getting close to being able to declare our hunt as officially in season, but with that comes the question… Continue Reading “Why Homestead?”

My Top 10 Favorite iPad Apps for the Elementary Music Classroom

Let’s talk iPads! From one to 1-to-1, no matter how many iPads you have can be an excellent way to extend your students’ learning and engage them in one of their favorite (for better or for worse) items – technology. First off, don’t be scared… Continue Reading “My Top 10 Favorite iPad Apps for the Elementary Music Classroom”

Welcome, seedlings! 

A little bit of dirt, seeds, and some tender care on Valentine’s Day has paid off – welcome, little tomatoes!  These slicing varieties and our Roma tomatoes are already coming up – see what we purchased this year! 

6 Ways to Avoid Burning Out

This week was rough. I was tired, my students were emotional and upset, some of my lessons didn’t go the way I planned, I had a lot of physical prep to do for a music program (moving 12 xylophones, a stereo cart, a PA… Continue Reading “6 Ways to Avoid Burning Out”

Starting from Seed

Our low temperatures are dipping in the teens this time of year – it’s the perfect weather for gardening! Well, indoor gardening, that is. Living in Kansas, we can see snow and freezing temperatures surprise us even as late as  May, though sometimes our… Continue Reading “Starting from Seed”

New TPT store developments

Teacher friends, there are a few hours left in the February Teachers Pay Teachers sale, and it’s inspired me to jump into creating more resources and really trying to expand my store. The hardest thing about starting a store in the last year is… Continue Reading “New TPT store developments”

Short & Sweet Valentine’s Day Idea for the Music Classroom

I never know how much to do for Valentine’s Day at school – my husband and I don’t really celebrate it (working at a restaurant doesn’t make for a relaxing Valentine’s!) and I know some students feel kind of sensitive about it. Having crushes… Continue Reading “Short & Sweet Valentine’s Day Idea for the Music Classroom”

DIY T-Shirt Quilt

It’s here! I’ve finished my first-ever quilt, and I am so proud of this project! It is by no means perfect, but it worked for me and my amateur sewing skills and I think it looks wonderful in its imperfections. (My cats love it,… Continue Reading “DIY T-Shirt Quilt”

Where I’m From

At school, our teachers are continually challenged to explore our concept of race and how we’ve been influenced by it. For me, it’s been a big awakening to realize how much white privilege has really influenced me without my knowledge, and I wanted to… Continue Reading “Where I’m From”